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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gospel of One: Letters of Aul

Hello Everyone, namaste:

We are continuing with the third chapter, paragraph one of the Letter to the Omans, from the book: "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul>"

"You may ask then, does it make any difference if you belong to a religion or not, or if you have received any special training in religious rituals and scripture? Yes, it does matter because there are many sincere believers with pure hearts in every religion, and they have kept the flame of truth burning. So what if there have been charlatans, drop-outs, hypocrites and power abusers in every religion? God has not abandoned them. Do you think that their faithlessness has caused God to curse them? No way. God keeps her steadfast love for all of us no matter if we abandon our faith in her. That is why many devotees of God think of her as a mother instead of a father. We can regard God as Father, or Mother, or both, or as having no gender, or personal or impersonal. God loves the pure in heart and the hypocrites equally, but the pure in heart have peace of mind."

Commentary: It seems that hypocrites are often jumped on in order to criticize a religion, but there are many pure in heart people who validate the different religions as different paths back to God. The hypocrites get a bad name from both the religious and non-religious and are given up to hell by those religions that believe in hell. But hypocrites can change. God, as Mother, sees her children in all sorts of trouble and misdirection and reaches out to everyone. The important action is to purify our own hearts so we can have peace of mind. The predominant way you view God is up to you. Some people want a strong father figure, some want a loving mother, some want both, and some people prefer to see God as an impersonal intelligence that governs the universe. However, God is not limited by our conceptions.

Monday, October 15, 2007

How being in oneness helps you

Hello everyone; namaste.

Before we continue with our study of "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul," I want to list some reasons on how acting on the oneness of life helps us in a practical way.


1) Realizing your oneness with the creator of all life empowers you to stand for divine love, justice and respect for all life and to know that you are fully supported by the deepest truth of life.

2) It helps you know that you have an eternal identity in the oneness of life and that your life is precious and has a purpose.

3) It helps you understand how and why whatever you send out comes back to you because you are connected to all life.

4) It helps you have compassion for all life because you see your connection to all life.

5) It helps you overcome your worldly ego that sees itself as a separate entity and replaces it with your true identity as a conscious soul Self.

6) It helps you have true humility because you realize that God is equally present in every atom of creation. You are not inferior or superior to anyone else. You can be yourself without putting down others. You can celebrate everyone's uniqueness. You can relax and have fun.

7) It helps you understand the roles played by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao-Tsu and other great spiritual leaders in bringing a message about the oneness of all life.

8) It helps you overcome worries about your friends and relatives who have died. It helps you understand death is a transition to another realm of existence because you are an immortal soul, a part of the one life.

9) It helps you understand that the kingdom of God is truly within you because your very own connection to all the potential of a blissful and satisfying, ever-growing transcendent life is yours to act upon.

10) It helps you work out all sorts of problems, conflicts, and disagreements with an attitude of what is the best for all of us

Monday, October 8, 2007

Hello Everyone, namaste:

We are continuing at paragraph eight, chapter two in the letter to the Omans from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"We may have emblems of our religion, we may practice all the rituals that mark us as a Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu, which is great if we actually have the love of God in our hearts and treat all life with respect, but if we don't, then it's worse than being without a religion. The reverse is also true. People who follow no religion, yet have the love of God in their hearts and respect all life are actually better off. It is more blessed to be a non-religionist with true love in your heart than to be a religionist who does deceitful things and harbors hate and grudges within. Don't you see; it's not your outer religious trappings that makes you a true devotee of God, but how much real love you have for people and all of life, including your own. And recognition comes from an honest God, not from the authority figures of the various religions."

Commentary: The last sentence of this paragraph is the key thought. Recognition from God of your true inner thoughts and motives is what really counts. Any outer show of religiosity will not ring true if it isn't backed up with a real heart of love.

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