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Monday, November 26, 2007

gospel of one; letters of aul

Hello Everyone; Namaste:

We are continuing with chapter 3, paragraph 3 in the letters to the Omans from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"Some people are still accusing us of taking advantage of God's love and the fact that God is the only reality. They claim we go around saying, "We can do anything we want to because God is the only doer, so let's just do it, whatever "it" is." That's just plain nonsense, don't you think so? We are far more responsible and sensitive than that."

Commentary: To be in the oneness of God is to take full responsibility for our lives. We have the freedom to do whatever we want to, but every action has a consequence. We are God's representatives, so we don't just do "whatever" as if it didn't really matter what we do. We co-create our own lives.

Another quote on Oneness: The blossoms of life in the garden of earthly existence are enchanting to behold. But somewhere there is a fount of Beauty and Intelligence, even more enthralling, from which we have come and into which we shall merge again. --Paramahansa Yogananda

Sunday, November 11, 2007

gospel of one; letters of aul

Hello Everyone; namaste:

We are continuing with Chapter 3, paragraph 2 in the letter to the Omans from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"You may ask this question: Since God loves us whether we are good or bad, what difference does it make for our salvation? The answer is: No difference! But God has made a cause and effect universe. We are blessed by loving actions. The bliss of God is more easily experienced in a loving heart. Yet not everyone will listen to words of wisdom. Experience will teach us what works and what doesn't. God will eventually straighten us all out."

Commentary: God's love is steadfast no matter what we do. We might have been mean and ignorant for lifetime after lifetime, but then we may finally wake up to the presence of God and to the possibilities of divine love. Are we condenmed because of our past lifetimes spent living in ignorance? Or, condense that scenario to one lifetime. God's love has been steady all the way, and she has the patience to wait for you to realize your oneness with divine love.

I must add a note of caution here. Some spiritual teachers whom I respect, say that a recalcitrant soul who rebels against divine love for eons, may be canceled out via the "second death." The purified energy is then returned to the oneness of God. So a soul doesn't really have forever to enter in to divine love consciousness. I don't really know, what is your opinion?

I'm adding a new feature to this blog: A quote about the oneness of life. I have about 20 pages of quotes on oneness in my book, but I could have put in a lot more quotes. Please feel free to add your quotes on oneness. I would like to collect a whole bunch of them.

"In the All is One ultimate reality, you are not just a part of Infinite Being, you are a viewpoint of the One. Nothing can be truly separate from the One. It can only be another facet or viewpoint of the One. --Owen Waters