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Monday, December 31, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone, namaste:

We are now moving on to the Second Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul." We start with paragraphs 1 and 2:

"I, Aul, have chosen this special mission, backed by my I am presence and holy Christ Self.  I write to God's congregation in Orinth and to believers everywhere.  May all gifts and benefits of God, the angels, and ascended host be yours.  Imothy, your good friend and mine, joins me in this greeting.

All praise to God, our prime creator, our Father and Mother, our very Self.  She is right with us, through the good times and the bad,  And we can reinforce that God presence by helping other people who may be going through hard times.  We've had our share of hard times, but we've had plenty of good times also. God is always with us no matter what comes."

Commentary:  These first two paragraphs set the tone for this letter.  We are part of God and always will be. The more we realize this the more benefits we will have. God can be related to as a Father or Mother or even as an impersonal Being.  And when we set the purposes of our lives, we can receive guidance from God, Christ, his angels and the Ascended Hosts of heaven.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi everyone; namaste:

We are now moving on to chapter 16 in the First Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."  We will cover all 4 of the short paragraphs of this chapter.

"Now, about that relief offering for the poor among you that is being collected.  That is good that you are sharing.  I encourage more of that.  The more we share, the more we actually have.

I plan to visit you in the coming year.  I won't be staying long.  Perhaps I will stay for two months during the winter season.

If Imothy shows up, take good care of him.  Make him feel at home.  He works hard at spreading the gospel of oneness.  Tell him I'm expecting him to join me soon.

I have other co-workers who may precede me to your town.You will know them by their good examples.  You will be inspired by them and aspire to be like them.  Look for people who proclaim the oneness of all life and honor God in all life.  Have your arms wide open for them just as God has his arms wide open for you.  I love all of you in the love of God."

Commentary:  It is very refreshing to hear strong,  upright people come and talk about the oneness of life. There is no preaching here about following one person to be saved.  There is no one book that you have to pledge allegiance to. There are no threats about being consigned to a hellish existence if you don't believe. The Gospel of Oneness is presented as a way to overcome the delusions of life, and to love everyone and to treat them as part of your greater Self. The Gospel of Oneness only asks you to remember your oneness with God.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi everyone; namaste:

We are now on paragraphs 9 and 10 in chapter 15 in the First Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."  (page 100)

"We naturally want to live to experience life, to carry out our missions, to accomplish great things, to create something wonderful, and then, in the fullness of time, make the transition to another realm.  If you can leave your body consciously, as some masters have done, that would be the ideal way to go.  It is ignorance that makes death so frightening, so enlighten yourself about it.

With all this knowledge and wisdom going for you, my friends, stand tall and move forward into a new era of enlightenment."

Commentary: The ideal way to leave this plane of existence is to die consciously and with the knowledge of your continuous existence.  In order to do that we need to get very close to God and to realize that we are part of God.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi everyone; namaste;

We are now on paragraphs 7 and 8 in the 15th chapter of The First Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Leters of Aul."  (page 99)

"If you can't hear it amidst the busyness of everyday life, retreat to a silent place and tune in with it by breathing mindfully and gently looking upward.  You will feel more peaceful, and just as cream rises to the top, so will the words of God.

The living word of God will show you that life goes on forever, ever changing, ever growing.  Our bodies are always changing.  Some day they will perish, but our consciousness will continue in other bodies.  Death of one body means a transition to another body in a different dimension beyond our earthly sight.  Of course no one wants to die just to find that out, yet many have returned from temporary death, and some have given detailed testimony about what they experienced

Commentary:  The number of books written about experiences in a temporarily "dead" condition continues to grow every year. The stories are truly amazing. Discernment is necessary in reading them, but they do show that something profound is going on. There are also many stories from people who didn't die, but they went into deep meditative states and experienced life in other realms.