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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hello Everyone, namaste:

We are continuing with the Letter to the Omans in the Letters of Aul. We are starting chapter two, first paragraph: "When we look back in history we can see many mistakes and horrible examples of ignorance. Yet even today it continues with people fighting and killing one another. But we need to be careful about condemning others. It is easy to point the finger at others while ignoring our own faults. How do we know how we would act in critical situations? We might lose our cool under difficult conditions. And who knows what awful things we may have done in past incarnations."

Commentary: I'm writing this a week after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech that has horrified the nation. And the Iraqi war is still going on. Some people think they can't do anything to stop the violence, but there is a way to do it without condemning others and this paragraph begins to show how. Examine ourselves and get rid of any violent tendencies. Learn how to be peaceful and calm and loving in any circumstance. One peaceful person multiplied by many other peaceful people will have widespread influence. Day by day we can deepen our love for all life.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

gospel of one; letters of aul

Greetings; Namaste:

We are continuing with our reading and discussion of Aul's letter to the Omans. We are on paragraphs seven and eight of chapter one.

"Yes, humans have descended into the depths of depravity, and God let them! Yes, the God of Life has given us free will to make our own decisions, and alas, how far off course have we strayed at times. We don't even want to think about many of the abominable things that humans have done. At times we have lost all sense of compassion and love."

"The strange thing is, people have sometimes done awful things in the name of a loving God. They thought God was encouraging them to kill the infidels. Other people had no sense of God at all. They just did what they wanted to do for their own pleasure or benefit. It's not that we really didn't know better. In our heart of hearts, in our higher selves, we knew the truth, but we ignored it."

Sometimes people ask why doesn't God put a stop to the cruelty on earth. Why does a loving God allow such bad things to happen? Actually, he is stopping it through his perfect laws of cosmic justice. Eventually people will learn what they do to others, they actually do unto themselves. God, acting through angels and humans, has stopped many bad things from happening, but not all bad things have been prevented because events have consequences. We are working things out. The drama of creation lasts billions or trillions of years. The bad things may be a very insignificant part of the whole picture. The physical universe may be a small part of the whole creation. The higher vibration spheres of existence may be where most life is happening.

Okay, we are dealing with the here and now, so what do we do? In our heart of hearts, in our higher selves, we know what to do, we know who to be. It's time to be quiet and listen to our true Self.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Gospel of One: Letters of Aul

Greetings Readers of all beliefs:

We are continuing with paragraph 6 of the first chapter of the letter to the Omans from my book: Gospel of One; Letters of Aul.

"Although God is plainly apparent to us, many do not recognize his presence. They have become confused and lost in the illusions of life. In the beginning we all knew God perfectly well, but then we incarnated into the physical universe and forgot who we are. We lost our sense of unity, we became needy, we started judging and condemning each other, we put conditions on our love, we developed a sense of failure and insufficiency, and we developed feelings of superiority and inferiority. We didn't know God anymore and we didn't know ourselves. We saw life as a struggle to survive and to get ahead of others. Then we thought God was on our side because we were "right." And so God was naturally against our enemies. The different religions of the world sprung up and became at odds with one another, as if there were different Gods who competed for the allegiance of humans. Even today people are killed because they belong to a different religion. Some people have even believed that their gods required animals or even humans to be sacrificed to placate them."

We may be born into ignorance about our divine origins, but we don't have to remain ignorant. There are many religions, but there can only be one over-all Creator of everything God. We are all part of the same God, no matter what religious beliefs we hold. May this simple truth permeate the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Acceptance of this truth would go a long way toward ending religious conflict and bigotry. God does not require anyone to follow any specific religion. We are free to co-create something beautiful with God.