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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone, namaste:

We are now on the first paragraph of chapter 13 in the First Letter to the Orinthians in the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"Love is at the heart of everything we do.  If I speak with flowing eloquence like a silver-tongued orator, but don't love, I might as well be croaking like a frog.  If I speak with inspiration and power, leaving people awestruck, and I I have the faith that can move mountains, yet lack love, I'm merely a leaf in the wind.  If I give all my possessions to the poor, and even sacrifice my life for a just cause, yet do it without love, I've gotten nowhere.  No matter what I say, or do , or believe, it is vastly incomplete without love."

Commentary. If the ego takes credit for everything. even giving love. it's probably not real love.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone, namaste;

We are now on paragraphs 8 and 9 in the 12th chapter of the First Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"The way God designed our bodies is a model for how we should all work together.  Every part has a function, and if one part is in pain, then the whole body feels it, and the whole body works to  heal that pain.  When the body is healthy, all parts feel good.

You are the body of God--that's who you are.  Always remember that.  Accept your part and be yourself.  Uncover your talents, multiply your talents. Rejoice in God.  You don't need to be stuck in one role.  You don't have to do the same job all the time.  You all have unique personalities, and you are known by your personalities; so your identity isn't locked up in being a carpenter, or a plumber, or a lawyer."

Commentary: The analogy with the body breaks down when you consider that our roles are not fixed. An eye can't change to be the ear, but humans can play a lot of different roles.  Nevertheless, we are all parts of the same collective consciousness, and we are all part of the oneness of God

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone; namaste:

We are now on paragraphs 5-7 in chapter 12 of the First Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."  (page 93)

"Think abut how all this makes you more significant, not less.  It takes all the different parts of a body to make it work.  If the foot said, "I'm not elegant like a hand adorned with bejeweled rings.  I might as well run away."  Or if the ears said, "I'm not as expressive as the eyes, I might as well close up shop."

Just so with our body of humanity. Everyone has a purpose.  Everyone is special.  Some may seem more special, but don't you believe it.  We believe in the dignity of the individual.

I remind you that no one should regard themselves as better or more important than anyone else.  We all have that tendency to think we are  more important than others, so we need to be on guard about that.  The eyes are necessary, but we wouldn't want to be just a big eyeball.

Commentary:  Whatever your role or position is in this life, don't you think that your role has been important to someone else? And this one lifetime is just one link in the chain of your lives.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul.

Hi Everyone; namaste;

We are now on paragraph 4 of  chapter 12 in the First Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"Think of the comparison to your own bodies, which have many parts--arms, ears, nose, muscles, tendons, the various organs, and so on. Your body functions as one unit; all the parts work together.  We don't know how our bodies were put together so wondrously, but God knows, and we know a harmonious body is a healthy body. Just so with all life on earth.  We don't know how it all came about, but we know that if we work together harmoniously with love for all life, then we have a healthy and happy planet."

Commentary: When the people of the world realize that we are one in Spirit, then we will have peace on this planet.