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Monday, February 26, 2007

Letters of Aul

As I mentioned in my start-up blog, I will be going through the Letters of Aul, paragraph by paragraph. I will type the paragraph, then add my commentary. Please feel free to add your own comments.

We begin with the "Letter to the Omans."

"I, Aul, am a devotee of the oneness of life, am on a mission to proclaim the oneness of God and all life and the love that pervades every atom in existence. I write this letter to all believers in Ome, the friends of Life."

Commentary: Right away I establish the fact that Aul's purpose is to proclaim the oneness of life and that the God of oneness is a God of love. And I call the believers in Ome "The friends of Life" because they see God in all life.

Note: The letters of Aul are the letters of Paul, rewritten as if he proclaimed the oneness of all life. You can find my book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul" at and other online booksellers.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Introducing the Gospel of Oneness

Hi Everyone;
Actually I prefer to greet you with "Namaste." This is the sanskrit word that means "God in me bows to God in you." This reflects the theme of my blogspot, which is: God is the only reality. We are all individual identities inside the consciousness of God. By "God" I mean the supreme creator of all that is. I believe that God is experiencing his or her creation through all of us. Every created thing, matter or energy, is some manifestation of God. Thus everything has value, and everything deserves respect.

There are people writing about the oneness of life, but we need more because this viewpoint needs to become the majority viewpoint if we are to succeed in sustaining human life on earth. I'm launching this blog as one more place for people to think and write and share their views on this subject.

As one of my resources in writing about this subject, I will use my recently published book entitled: "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul." It is available at and other on-line booksellers. The letters of Aul are the letters of St. Paul, rewritten as if he had proclaimed the gospel of oneness. I will be going through the letters of Aul and commenting on the passages and showing how they apply to our lives and the world's conditions. I will also be reviewing other books that talk about the oneness of life. Please join as often as you can. My goal is to have at least one new entry every week, and possibly two or three a week, if I make the posts short and sweet. I welcome comments. All of us are part of the oneness... Namaste! --Cliff Mikkelson