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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hi Everyone, Namaste:

We are continuing with the letter to the Omans, chapter two, paragraph seven in the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"If we are brought up as a Christian, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or Jew, we can't assume that we are going straight to heaven, or that we are among the elite, the favorites of God. Let me address those who think that because they know their scriptures backwards and forwards it qualifies them to lead others through the maze of life. It takes a lot more than knowing the scriptures. It takes practical life experience and a real heart of love. We all know people who preach against thievery, adultery, gossip and so on, and are even quite eloquent about it. Yet they commit the very sins they warn others about. It's an old problem that doesn't go away easily because people think they can conceal their secret sins. God knows it all and so we will too, eventually."

Commentary: Many people who outwardly follow their religion are quite certain that their God will accept them into heaven. And since they are certain of heaven, they think they can guide others or should convert others to their religious path. There are many blind leaders of the blind. Only a true spiritual master, one who has risen above sectarian religious beliefs, who has purified his own life, and has a deep understanding about life, love, and God, is qualified to guide others to a heavenly realm. All other pretenders of religious authority will have their shortcomings exposed, and if they become wise and humble, they will take lessons from a true spiritual master.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hello Everyone, namaste:

We are continuing with The Gospel of One; Letters of Aul, letter to the Omans, Chapter two, paragraphs five and six: "Some people don't follow any form of organized religion, yet they know how to behave with kindness and love toward others. They show that love is built into the fabric of creation. There is something deep within all of us that echoes God's love. We will all know this some day.

The gospel that I proclaim takes into account all the differences of people, all the varieties of life. We are all part of God. We are all one with each other in the Oneness of God."

Commentary: If we didn't have organized religion, we would still have love. The universe is made of love. We are made of love, the pure love of the Creator. Religion can divide people, but true love brings them together.