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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gospel of One: Letters of Aul

Greetings readers of all beliefs:

We are continuing with paragraph 5 in "'Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"I'm proclaiming this wonderful gospel of the oneness of all life. It shows that God will save everyone because God is everyone. Those of us who already realize this feel secure and happy in the love of God. We trust in the complete and unconditional love of God. We see God everywhere--in the trees, in the animals, in the rivers, in city and the country, in flowers, and in people. Our lives overflow with the presence of God."

This paragraph does require some explaining. Since God is the life of everything, nothing can be lost, yet not all that God has created out of his own Self will have eternal individuality. God has given free will to the individual identities, and some have chosen to be destructive lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. Some may have gone so far down the destructive path that they will never come back. In such extreme cases God may choose to extinguish that individual identity. One bad lifetime isn't reason enough to send someone to eternal hell. We can't judge a person on the basis of one lifetime. Probably everyone of us has had past lifetimes of wrong-doing, and we have suffered the consequences, and in many cases we are still suffering the consequences of past wrong actions. In this process of life we are learning and growing and transcending. We are on the way to realizing that we are part of God.

Since we have almost no reasons to fear hell, we can concentrate on making the most of our opportunity to co-create heaven on earth or wherever we happen to be. It is our own consciousness that makes the difference. We always get what we co-create; so let us create that which is good, beautiful, balanced, harmonious, lovely and more.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

letter to the Omans

Namaste Everyone;

We are at Chapter one, paragraphs three and four of the letter to the Omans: "I am eager to come and visit you in Ome. I thank God for all of you and for your faithfulness. I love y0u all very much, and I pray for your well-being often. We will have much to talk about when we see each other again. Our meeting will be mutually beneficial, I'm sure."

"You know I've tried several times already to visit you, but other priorities have always come up. I have to deal with what seems most important at the time. Since we are one with everyone, I feel kinship with everyone. Still, you have a special place in my heart because of what we have been through together."

My commentary: Although we are one with everyone, it is only natural, in our human condition, to interact with only a limited number of people, and so those people seem special to us. We are born into certain families and become friends with certain people, but that doesn't keep us from having a loving attitude towards those who may be strangers to us. With this attitude of love for all, we can then focus on those people who are working or interacting with us.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

welcome readers of all beliefs

Here is the second paragraph of the Letter to the Omans from Aul: "The sacred books of the world contain partial reports on the words and deeds of the men, women and children who realized their oneness with God and showed us what can be done when a person realizes his or her oneness with God. I'm thinking of Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu, Kabir, Rumi, Mahavira, Padre Pio, Mechtild of Magdeburg, Teresa of Lisieux, Mirabai, Anandamoyi Ma, Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Guru Nanak and many more too numerous to mention. Through them we received many generous gifts of the spirit and the urge to share these gifts with all others. Thus we have the world's religions, cults, sects and faiths. All of you have been coming back to God on your different pathways, and I greet you now with all the generosity of God our Creator, our Father-Mother, our One and Only."

In this second paragraph of chapter one I mention some of the saints who established their oneness with God. Some are mentioned in the ancient scriptures of the world, and some of them have lived on earth recently or within the past 500 years. Some of these saints established true paths back to God and religions sprang up after them because so many people were inspired to follow them. So I establish the fact that there is more than one true path back to God. These saints would not quarrel with each other about whose way is best, but they might chastise many of their followers who claim their way is the only way. And they might chastise some of their followers who lead others into separateness instead of into oneness. Aul is addressing those people who understand that the saints of the Ascended Host work in harmony with each other.