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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone; namaste:

We are on chapter 4, paragraphs 2,3,and 4 in the first letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul."

"Be careful of jumping to conclusions when you don't know enough facts.  When the truth dawns in your consciousness you will see clearly who has really been helping you.  You will understand the motives and purposes of people.

I want to show you how to use your discrimination when it comes to following or listening to people who want to persuade you about something.  Don't rush into any conclusions without doing some of your own investigating.  Look at things from the point of view of oneness.  You can ruin people's reputations by repeating untrue descriptions.

For who do you know that really knows your heart? And even if someone knows your inner self, they could not judge you.  Everything we have, everything we are, is actually part of the oneness.  So what is the point of all this comparing and competing.  You already have everything you need just by being part of God., and you have a long way to go just to integrate it all.  We are all actually physical angels in this world--God's world, but we don't realize it yet."

Commentary:  If you can look at everything from the point of view of your oneness with God, you will be more at peace about your role in life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone, namaste:

We are beginning chapter 4, paragraph 1 in the first letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One; Letters of Aul." (p 74)

"If you put the leaders of this movement up on a pedestal, you'd be making a mistake.  We are servants, not your masters.  We help show the way for now, but you may forge ahead of us someday.  We don't try to hold you back.  To be a good guide, you must know the way and be reliable and honest.  Popularity based on showmanship is misleading.  I don't care where I rank on the popularity poll.  I'm just being the best guide I can be.  If you are helped by what I write, I rejoice in the Lord.  God knows who is truly being served and who is truly serving."

Commentary:  Any leader who is looking to boost his or her own ego, or looking for power and influence, is not really fit to be a leader.  Humility and a spirit of service to others combined with good leadership skills makes good leaders.