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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone, namaste;

We are now on paragraph 3 in the 11th chapter of the Second Letter to the Orinthians from the book Gospel of One; Letters of Aul:

They come on very persuasively and appeal to your baser instincts. They have the media and propaganda mills behind them. But if you listen to them, why can't you listen to little ol' me? It's true that I don't have all the media publicity or support behind me. And I'm not a polished speaker with a great musical show fronting for me. But when I do open my mouth at least I tell you the truth: We are all one.

Commentary:If you think of the major televangelists out there, how many emphasize that we are equally parts of the oneness of God? And then, how many major shows do the supporters of the Gospel of Oneness have? This disparity comes about because we still don't have the popular grass roots support. We are working on increasing that support. Thank you.

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