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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gospel of One; Letters of Aul

Hi Everyone, namaste:

We are now on paragraph 5 of chapter 11 in the Second Letter to the Orinthians from the book "Gospel of One: Letters of Aul.

I'm standing firm on this position. I'm not taking your money in exchange for proclaiming this message. I don't want to be included with those politicians and preachers who always need more money to promote their separatist ways. They are a sad bunch aren't they? They pose as your advocates before God and governments, but lead you into the ditches of life. They masquerade as the servants of God, and even as beautiful angels of light, yet it's all a sham. But no one fools God. They'll get straightened out in the end.

Commentary: Many of these religious leaders are sincere in their beliefs and don't think they are misleading anybody. They think they have the truth as they see it.  However, if you analyze their advice from the standpoint of oneness, you can see that they are still lost in duality and are leading people further into duality.  For example, any religious leaders who advocate or condone violence to reach their ends are lost in duality.

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